Peter Meyer

guitarist/ composer/ sound artist


electronics, live sampling, programming, compositional coding

With the freedom of Jazz and improvised music in mind and the sound of the 21st century in his ears Peter Meyer is creating his own sound environment with unique sound processors, sampling machines and digital instruments. With these entirely customized sound tools he finds his very own approach to electronic music.

Coding, composing, sound design, improvising, performing, making instruments;  it´s all fusing.

Duet for violin & electronics No.1

Héloïse Lefebvre – violin /// Peter Meyer – electronics, live sampling

Electro-acoustic constructions, spheres, atoms, deconstructions, improvisation, jazz, free, ambients, colors, indie, beauty, ugly.  Violin feeds live sampling and sound processing machines, that feed back the violinist.

This duo creates contemporary sound-art beyond genres and styles. Elements of Jazz-Improvisation, Neue Musik, ambient, experimental music, Avantgarde Pop melt together and create something new. 

This is the live sampling and electronics project of Peter Meyer and the outstanding French violinist Héloïse Lefebvre.